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The Bitcoin Foundation has been launched

Forbes reports the launch of the much awaited – The Bitcoin Foundation. The Bitcoin Foundation mission leads to the early specific goals of financially sponsoring the efforts of the core development team, funding core infrastructure such as a test network and a DNS seed node, publishing a set of best practices for bitcoin integration, coordinating […]

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Youtube Videos on Bitcoins

Bitcoin is the world’s first fully decentralized, peer-to-peer (p2p) virtual currency. It allows users to make anonymous and untraceable cash transactions anywhere in the world without any sort of real-world intermediary. So unlike PayPal and other online services, it can’t be squeezed in the same way by governments or other control agents. Created in 2009 […]

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HuffingtonPost interviews Roger Ver of BitInstant

Bitcoin Video Interview with Roger Ver of BitInstant and others at HuffingtonPost: Video – with Roger Ver (Bitinstant/memorydealers),Brian Armstrong (coinbase) , Drew Little (‘new economist’/founder of producism) , Neils Vanderlanden (don’t buy bitcoin guy!), David Wolman (author of The End of Money). Video name: Chomping at the Bitcoin – The Ups And Downs Of Cyber […]

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