Month: June 2020

Free VPS credits at Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Digital Ocean

Well BTC is down to MYR 40791 but instead of trading, we’ve been busy spinning up blockchain nodes for Elrond (ERD) and Keep Project over the week. For more info on Elrond, read More info on tBTC and the Keep Network, see 1. Digital Ocean: Use our referral link to spin up Elrond […]

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SOUTHEAST ASIA DEFI WEEK 2020 (1-5 June 2020 ) Video Replays

We are proud to share the SOUTHEAST ASIA DEFI WEEK 2020 which concluded on 5 June 2020. The videos of the webinars are free to view below:- PAST VIDEOS: MAKERDAO (DAI) Day 1 Link: Kyber Network Day 2 Link: Melon Day 3 Link: AAVE (formerly LEND) Day 4 Link: BitGo […]

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