Month: September 2019

Decentraland x BitcoinMalaysia meetup 12 Sept 2019

Great turnout at 12 September 2019 at the Decentraland x BitcoinMalaysia meetup! We hit over 100 pax and had to add additional seats for everyone to be comfortable. Hope everyone had an enjoyable session with Decentraland. Thank you team Blocklime & WORQ Coworking Space for making the event a success.  Decentraland Discord: Decentraland Game Jam starts 16-30 September 2019. […]

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Decentraland x BitcoinMalaysia Meetup

*Decentraland x BitcoinMalaysia Meetup* Venue: WORQ Subang, The Podium Date: Thursday 12 September, 2019 Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm Next Thursday, we have a very special guest flying from US to visit Malaysia. Decentraland, a renowned Ethereum blockchain and virtual game space where users can buy, sell, own and build virtual lands using its cryptocurrency called […]

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