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In case you missed this: A heady showcase of blockchain at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2018.

by Alex Lee, Director at Celebrus Advisory

The 2018 China Hi-Tech Fair, known also as the 2018 CHTF is the largest exhibition of science and technology in China in terms of scale, influence and engagement from both national and international levels. It is hailed as China’s Top Technology Fair, and is held this year at Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. The edifice rising pointedly to the sky is the Ping An Finance Center. At almost 600 meters, it is the fourth tallest building in the world.

CHTF 2018

Now in its 20th year (since it began in 1999), it serves the National Congress agenda and is the major gateway into China’s high tech sector. Over 34 countries occupy the international pavilions as group exhibitors. There are specialized shows for aerospace, advanced manufacturing technology (AMT), civil-military integrated technology (CMI),energy conservation, new energy, green buildings, new materials, smart healthcare, optoelectronics, smart cities, internet of things (IOT), and sensing applications.

This is my ticket that gives access to an immense convention area that exceeds 12,000 square meters – with 3,000 exhibitors representing nearly 10,000 projects, and attended by half a million visitors from 100 different countries!

Blockchain makes an impressive appearance at the CHTF and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the other “heavyweight” tech and state-of-the-art innovations. This pavilion belongs to the award-winning Shenzhen Blockchain R&D Center which I was privileged to a visit. They showcase blockchain integrated products and technological advancement on the world stage of science and technology. The displays draws crowd from the curious attendees and dignitaries.

Another crowd puller is the Dobi ATM. Now in its 3rd generation, the Dobi ATM is a crypto-fiat bi-directional ready-to-assemble cryptocurrency ATM. It can be customized to fit most specifications while offering features such as biometric recognition and remote monitoring capabilities.

Themed “The World’s First Smart Wearable Blockchain Platform” the R&D Centre displays a total of four applications namely mobile running games, sports planets, mining watches, and smart clothes. By promoting wide adoption through smart wearables, its subsidiary Xingyun Technology aims to be the leader in the development of blockchain integrated IoT device.

I was presented with one of the mining watches for review. True to its mission of getting people to be healthier, it actually got me wanting to walk more knowing there’s reward in every step I take. The watch tracks the number of steps that I take and converts that into hash power which in turn is being used to compute the amount of reward I deserve in cryptocurrencies. The cool part is I’m able to ‘mine’ not one but several coins at the same time. The proprietary Proof of Effort (PoE) algorithm can also be adapted by other projects to allow mining capabilities on their self-branded smart wearables.
MC Plus 2

MC Sports App

Shenzhen R&D Centre has gathered experts in the area of blockchain, AI, and IoT around the world, focusing on supercomputing, cryptography, smart contracts, lightning network and etc to build application in the field of finance, smart devices, public services and entertainment.

It is companies like this that will champion the growth in the industry by building useful applications and developing the tech behind them regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is up or down.

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