Borneo Blockchain Summit – 8 SEPTEMBER 2018 SATURDAY

Borneo Blockchain Summit


Official Announcement

Borneo Blockchain Summit is the first ever blockchain event in Kota Kinabalu that focuses on education rather than investment opportunity.

Shared by established speaker in the blockchain space from around Southeast Asia.

If your one of the following, you should get yourself a ticket to the 1st Borneo Blockchain Summit.

• Heard about blockchain and crypto, yet are completely clueless on what is it all about and don’t know where to start

• Want to find out how this technology has already been changing lives and how it would impact your future personally and also your business

• Looking into investing into crypto but do not know how to validate the good and bad , what is real and what is not.

• Trying to figure out how you can start getting into crypto and blockchain without putting in capital investment.

• Wants to know the know how, trends, and updates in crypto and blockchain technology

• Want to be on a networked with like minded people in the blockchain space for possible future collaboration

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Borneo Blockchain Summit

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1. Harpreet Singh – BLOCKLIME

2. Simon Pang – STEEMIT

3. Jason Chew – EMPOWER

4. Azlin Awang Chee – HARTATEK RESOURCES

5. Chan Wei Chi – SINEGY

6. Luke Jones – FORTIFEX

7. Anthony Davie – INVECH MALAYSIA

8. Pandu Sastrowardoyo – BLOCKCHAIN ZOO

Borneo Blockchain Summit

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