How to make crypto-gains even in bear markets (Hint: Look through the gaps)

Are you feeling hit by the bear market?
The general mood around the cryptosphere lately is rather dull if not tepid at best.
I noticed there are also fewer people attending crypto-meetups too.

Personally, I hold a long-term positive outlook for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. I believe that thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing what we know today as money. And like all new technology, we are currently going through the early adoption stage which requires only time before the early majority kicks in and realize the benefits of using blockchain-based money as opposed to centralised-issued money.

Thus, I have very little regard for short-term price movements.
The prices in the market are temporary reflections of how the market feels… or perhaps manipulated to feel.
It doesn’t change the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

So, with that in mind, is it possible to make crypto-gains in both good times and bad?

About two weeks ago, I got my answer.

Meet Aaron & Ryan

Aaron & Ryan are two Singaporeans who are skilled in identifying inefficiencies in the crypto markets and I am inviting them to Malaysia to do a live demonstration of what they can do next Thursday (26th July) at the Oasis Discovery Centre.

What you will learn

  • Understanding cryptomarkets behind the hood.
  • Aaron & Ryan’s technique for identifying market inefficiencies.
  • Using technology tools to take quick responsive action.

From what I observed

  • Aaron & Ryan’s technique is easy to learn.
    There is a chance your retired grandparents might be able to learn it too.
  • Once you learn it, you can do it yourself easily.
  • It is repeatable once you understand the concepts behind it.
  • You do not need any prior trading experience to learn it.
  • You do need to put in work. This is not a magic get-rich-quick trick.
    You need to understand how cryptomarkets work, why inefficiencies happen, when do they happen and what to do when they happen. You may be able to identify inefficiencies twice a day. If you’re really hardworking, maybe more.
  • Do it well, you may be able to grow your crypto-assets 10~15% a month.


BitcoinMalaysia is excited to introduce Aaron & Ryan to you.
Seats are limited.

Grab your free seat here now.



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