How FOMO Media is bringing blockchain to Malaysia

Cryptocurrencies are a hassle when it comes to understanding and learning about its sophisticated technology. For that reason, we at FOMOMedia, are here to make it easy for you.

Here’s a couple of ways some blockchain projects are going to change the way we do things.

Bodhi Network

Have you ever wanted to predict the future?

Bodhi is making a credible, autonomous and global prediction market that will allow you to not only create but also trade on the outcome of finance , sports, politics, entertainment and any other type of event that is publicly available. This would essentially allow users to for example create and make money on the outcome of the 2018 GE of Malaysia or even the outcome of the FIFA world cup, just as long as they are publically verifiable. Bodhi’s  blockchain will not only moderate those trades but it will also enchance the reliability of the perdiction of the market’s decision-making process.

Bodhi aims to build a credible, autonomous, and global prediction market. This platform will allow users to create and trade on the outcome of finance, sports, politics, and any other type of events that are publicly verifiable. Bodhi’s innovative “replaceable oracle” mechanism, powered by Bodhi’s digital token (BOT), will enhance the reliability of the prediction market’s decision-making process


Energo Labs

Have you ever thought of installing some solar panels on a roof and selling electricity to the neighbors or maybe just buying electricity which is not made by polluting the environment. Energo Labs aims to integrate the blockchain  into the energy sector to allow you to not only sell your clean energy but it will also allow users to choose where their energy comes from, therefore losing less electricity through transmission, and what type of source it comes from, be it wind or solar.

Energo Labs allows users to set an agreed price for their produced energy and even gives real time data on their phone from smart readers installed in houses. Thus allowing what is called peer-to-peer energy trading, no more will users have to rely to centralized companies for electricity.

Energo Labs even has plans for Machine-to-Machine and Vehicle-to-Machine energy trading, so you can not only charge your electric vehicle but you can also sell it back to those that require it. Energo Labs aims to create a cleaner energy environment while literally putting the power back in the people instead of select middle men or singular companies.


Ink Labs


If you are a creative working in the industry, you must have had problems with copyrighting, plagiarism and publishing, what if there was a solution to all that paper work.

Say Hello to Ink Labs where they are aiming to create a blockchain that will solve many of the problems in the existing cultural content industry, thus protecting content creators and their content by making sure that their content stays theirs. This gives creators the ability to have more control over their Intellectual Property(IPs) by creating a certificate on a distributed blockchain ledger and tokenizing them, allowing creatives to participate in I.P. asset exchange on the Ink Labs network. Advertisers will also be able to make better use of their budgets to not only purchase copywriter content but also make they get better use out of their marketing and advertising budgets. Ink Labs allow for early monetization which will allow both the creator and investor to receive monetization from the content. Now creative can safe guard their Intellectual Property while allowing advertisers to optimize their budgets.


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