How You Can Be Involved in the Blockchain Industry in Malaysia (Access Blockchain Association Malaysia)

If you are reading this, chances are you are a fan of cryptocurrencies. You might be an investor, a miner, a developer, or a combination of these.

Cryptocurrencies are built on the blockchain technology. Secure, trustless, decentralised public ledgers are recording various cryptocurrencies’ transactions as we speak. The Bitcoin Network, for example, has been running for 9 years without any major disruptions.

While blockchain’s first use-case is ‘currency’, it can be applied in so many other ways. Any type of data can be stored and ‘time-stamped’ in the blockchain. Many industries want to take advantage of the blockchain revolution for obvious reasons: to increase efficiency, introduce automation, reduce paperwork and wo/manpower, and more.

ACCESS Blockchain Association

Interested in blockchain technology and want to harness it for your company, or already using it and want your voice as a blockchain practitioner or advocate heard? This is where you come in.

ACCESS Blockchain Association is now open for members registration. We invite:

  • Blockchain startups and companies
  • Companies interested to implement blockchain
  • Coders and developers
  • Investors in blockchain projects
  • And everyone learning for personal development

There are three categories available: Individual, Students and Corporate. You can see membership perks and join as a member here.

A few things you should know about ACCESS Blockchain Association:

  • We focus on education and blockchain talent development in Malaysia
  • We actively engage with related government agencies to stop/reduce scams using blockchain technology as a selling point
  • We hold events and sessions (priority invites to ACCESS members)
  • We offer job-matching and talent acquisition/recruitment (to ACCESS members)
  • We list blockchain events in Malaysia (see here)
  • We just really want the industry to grow healthily in Malaysia, for the development of the country.

Join our discussions on Facebook here. To go straight to the member registration form page, go here.

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