Month: December 2015

Scammer Md Apiz – 8 Dec 2015

We have a scammer on the loose. His name is md apiz, cell +6014 3514 135, and he is using Kenneth’s photo and name to scam people. Kenneth Lee said: Someone scammer is using my profile picture to scam Btc trades. Please beware that I only have 1 and only account in telegram @anakinisme Beware […]

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Bitcoin user lost 10 Bitcoins today! 5 DEC 2015

Another user lost 10 bitcoins (aboutMYR 15630) today. So beware! SIGN UP my Bitcoin online course and prevent your bitcoin wallet from being hacked! * Learn about proper bitcoin wallet management and security prevention protocols. * How to avoid scammers on exchanges and forums. 5 December 2015, #hilang #hilangbitcoin Reported cases so far, #hilang […]

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Looking for shy Bitcoin Students

A lot of people ask me about Bitcoin on a daily basis. Well I cannot be everywhere so I’ve came up with an online course (via Skype) that puts you through the basics. Most importantly I share my knowledge on the dark side of the Bitcoin world where scammers are lurking everywhere. The special price […]

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