Bitcoin Malaysia Ezine #4 – 25 May 2015

1. Great month for #bitcoin, lots of meetups and hackathon. A lot of #Bitcoin Experts came down to KL after Inside Bitcoins HK; Tone Vays, Simon Dixon. Met the itBit, Bitx, Blockscan, Coingecko,, Tembusu, Coinpip and Kraken guys in Singapore during the DBS Blockchain Hackathon.

2. Trouble is brewing at OKcoin. They are refusing to pay Roger Ver some serious moolah.

3. Bitfinex and Bitcointalk were hacked about the same day (22 MAY) this week. Coincidence? Bitfinex lost about 1500 bitcoins.

4. The guys from our group were on a Digital Currencies panel last week (organized by CPA NZ and AUSTRALIA). Good job – TS Tang (for passing out free satoshis to accountants), and Bobby from

5. I’ve just passed the Bitcoin Certified Professional exam. Ping at at or +60123038472 (cell) if you need serious and professional crypto consultation.

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