Bitcoin Malaysia Ezine #2 – 15 APRIL 2015

WORD OF THE WEEK: Merkle Trees.

Merkle trees are binary trees of hashes. Merkle trees in bitcoin use a double SHA-256, the SHA-256 hash of the SHA-256 hash of something; see

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1. We have more than 1700 ezine subscribers now. Drop me an email if you have comments on how to make Bitcoin or Cryptos grow big in Malaysia –

2. BitX Malaysia just had a makeover. Hope you like the new look! Currently, BitX Malaysia (bitcoin exchange) only accepts local members from Malaysia as we need to validate your MyKAD before you can start trading in MYR (Ringgit). This is part of the BitX strict AML/KYC policies. *However if you are a foreigner and wished to open a corporate trading account, drop an email to and we’ll see what we can do.

Register now at

3. We’ve seen a lot of new users downloading Telebit at ; It’s a bitcoin wallet that works on top of the Telegram chat app and it even denominates the pricing in MYR!

4. The price of bitcoin dropped to around MYR 815 last night. If you are following the dollar cost averaging method, then it’s a good time to pick up some bargains on BitX Malaysia.

5. Maybank held an event in Kuala Lumpur (KL) last Monday and it was called Maybank Fintech. Interestingly, Adam Giles from [ ] gave a presentation on BlockChain technology and they are a #500 Startups graduate based in KL itself. The rep from Maybank Innovation Centre also proposed a banking API that could be released to the public but nothing is set in stone yet (we hope they release it this year)

Check out the April 2015 album:

6. The American Bar Association is offering classes in Bitcoin for lawyers now;

7. I’ve just donated some bits to a charity in Barbados today. It’s so easy when you are using Bitcoin. Chip in if you have spares bits, and I love how Bitcoin is making fund raising so easy to setup. (* wished WorldVision would accept Bitcoin in Malaysia)

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