Provably fair gaming – why has it become so popular nowadays?

Today, Bitcoin casinos are growing more and more popular among online players all around the world, and there are new BTC gambling websites launched every month. There is something about this relatively new kind of gaming portals that makes them slightly different from the rest, and that something is the mechanism of fairness provability that many of these Bitcoin casinos have implemented.

Actually, this concept has been around for some time already, and if you’re a regular gambler still knowing nothing about it, you’re doing yourself a great favor reading this article. Many experts and players see provably fair function as a great advantage for any (preferably, fully licensed and regulated) BTC gambling website, as nowadays gamblers want to feel absolutely confident playing games in online casinos and trusting their funds to them. And if a player happens to lose in a provably fair Bitcoin casino, they will have no cause at all to suspect the website and/or operator in cheating them, as in this case their loss or victory would be merely a question of luck and mathematical probability. As long as the fairness of outcomes in roulette, dice, blackjack and other similar games of chance offered by a gambling portal can be proved, such Bitcoin casino may legitimately consider itself a provably fair one.

Basically, fair provability mechanism can be explained rather simply. To begin with, any in-game input a player makes is converted into digital data, which is then transformed into hash sequences, or strings, using cryptographic algorithms. Every hash string consists of a series of numeric-alphabetic symbols, and it is impossible to decrypt one or extract the data it contains using even currently available advanced technologies. There are no third parties (even dealers) having access to game outcomes in provably fair casinos, and those outcomes are based on randomly generated numbers only, which means players can be more than just confident such casino enabling fairness provability and random result verification to them are absolutely trustworthy.

Provably fair mechanisms used by various Bitcoin casinos and gaming portals include several verification methods, and here are the explanations how at least two of them can be used by any gambler. The first method involves comparing the player’s seed data with the casino’s seed generated by the server. If the two match, there should be no doubt about the validity and randomness of the game outcomes in the casino, and, subsequently, its fairness and reliability are undisputable. The second option to verify a Bitcoin casino’s provability lies in retrieving its hash data for the previous day (usually, this is published by provably fair casinos and is freely accessible on their websites) and using it for random number calculations to be certain that the game outcomes were not tampered with, either by the website or any unfair player.

At the moment, gambling websites offering fairness verification function for their casino are the most popular among all online gaming services portals, and there is nothing really surprising about that – players want to be 100% sure virtual casinos they prefer don’t cheat them.

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