Happy New Year 2015 to Crypto Users

Happy New Year 2015 to all Crypto Users.



Got a shock today; My fav teh panas at the local hawker stall is now MYR 1.50 each (previously only MYR 1.40) . That’s a 7.14% increase, at 10 cents higher. Coupled with the weak MYR, travelling overseas will make it tough on our pockets. The inflation and weak MYR will be hard on all Malaysians in the coming 12 months.

1. Though BTC price is now lower at MYR 1106 (preev), we saw the price of certain alt coins like MAID, SJCX and Stellar going higher this year.

2. Some Mining server companies have yet to deliver and have been marked as scam by the community at large -> Alpha Tech and Black Arrow Software. Butterfly Labs (BFL) gets slapped by the FTC in the USA side.

3. Global merchants are now on-board the btc train – DELL, Paypal, Microsoft, etc. (pic provided by BTC Indonesia)

bitcoin acceptance year 2014 10405423_650057435106372_6924533814641424724_n

4. The Bitcoin VC investment total, as calculated by CoinDesk from investments of US$250,000 or higher, currently stands at US$362.26 million, of which US$268.32 million was pledged 1 January 2014 – 22 October 2014. [source]

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