Another milestone – 1083 subscribers

We finally hit the big one – over 1000 newsletter subscribers on our site (1083 to be exact).

We are also seeing a lot of traction for bitcoin all over the place, not just in KL side but also in Kuching and Penang side. Miners with SHA-256 farms sprouting around Klang Valley with a combined power of over 85 Terahashes spread over a few offices. And in the excitement, we see Arsyan ( getting hit with a man in the middle (MITM) attack and a victim losing MYR2900 in the process ( you only get to see Arsyan’s selfie at the police station if you join our Telegram group ).

Braintree ( a Paypal company ) integrating bitcoin in their new One Touch app for mobile phones (next up is Uber, AirBnB and Dropbox adding btc payments). Dell USA accepting bitcoin last month. Bitpay with over 38,000 merchants globally. Bitcoin is going to change the world and we are doing it phone by phone. To the moon!

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