Free or Paid IM Cypto Groups

The drama started a few weeks back.

We wanted to start a secret Whatsapp/Kakaotalk group for serious users and miners in this crypto space for Malaysia (to be managed by 2 active miners – A and D). Then we shelved the plans but we already had some members who paid to join it. So we’d figure to add those members to existing Whatsapp/Kakaotalk groups (free ones) managed by Yew so they could ask questions. As time went by, we forgot to inform Yew about it and then the word got out that Yew was charging people to join this groups. Yew claimed his reputation was at stake. We personally made an apology to Yew (on Whatsapp) and said we’d post it here.

*Apologies to Yew the super miner and super admin of the free Crypto Groups!

Take note: There are free Whatsapp/Kakaotalk groups managed by Yew (google for it) and paid ones (KL, Selangor) managed by BitcoinMalaysia.

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