Announcing – Secure Bitcoin Escrows

Announcing BTC-asia.comSecure Bitcoin Escrows. Promotional escrow fee of 0.1% till 31 August. Managed by the founder of

Our Bitcoin escrow site is Live!:

secure bitcoin escrow service
secure bitcoin escrow service

How It Works:

* Buyer or seller start an escrow transaction
* Buyer and seller confirm their email and bitcoin addresses
* Buyer sends bitcoins to the escrow’s bitcoin address
* Seller sends item(s) to buyer (Maximum Shipping Time 60 days)
* Inspection period begins when buyer receives item(s)
* Bitcoins are released to seller (or a dispute is started)

Escrow Fees:
Promotional fee of 0.1% escrow fee (till 31 August 2013 23:59 GMT+8)

Affiliate Program:
Become an Affiliate and share 30% of our escrow transaction fees for each completed transaction you refer to us at

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