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As I write this post, I welcome you to my blog if you’ve seen the Personal Money article about my site – Bitcoin Malaysia! We provide business and legal consultation for individuals/companies that want to set up a local presence for their Bitcoin Services/Products in Malaysia and Asia (refer to our services section).

Personal Money, a financial magazine in Malaysia featured Bitcoin on it’s cover this month of May 2013. It’s an important month as we celebrate May Day on 1st May and Malaysian General Elections (PRU13) on 5th of May.

Important Bitcoin updates this week:
1. The Bitcoin price is currently around USD 112 / MYR 354. Down from a high of USD 266 on 10 April.
2. MtGox (world’s largest Bitcoin exchange) signs up 20K new users daily in April 2013. That’s 600K new users! They handle about USD 20 million deposits daily in April.
3. Ashton Kutcher Bites Into ‘Bitcoin Revolution’ via his A-Grade venture firm.
4. Lots of new Bitcoin sites are coming online – , , , , , Bitcoin (BTC) quotes on CNBC , , , , and

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