19 FEB 2013 update – 400% ROI Bitcoin Investment in 12 months

bitcoin price 1broker malaysia
bitcoin price 1broker malaysia

If you bought Bitcoin back in March 2012, it would only cost a lowly USD 5 (RM 15) . That’s peanuts compared to the current high of USD 27 (RM 111) right now. A cool 400% Return on Investment (ROI) in just 12 months for Bitcoin investors in Malaysia. It shows that bitcoinomer.c investment is much better than keeping your cold hard cash MYR in the local banks that only offer about 4% on a Fixed Deposit.

Mtgox market price of 1 BTC: 87.09 MYR (19 FEB 2013)

Pic source : 1broker.com – now you can trade CFD and Forex with bitcoins.

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