Bitcoin price continues surge to RM 68.24 on 23Jan2013 (0432GMT+8)

Bitcoin (BTC) price was quoted as RM58.58 yesterday and now it’s gone even higher at RM68.24 on this site. We think there’s still plenty of upside as bitcoins were trading around USD 30 last June 2012 and with the recent block halving (DEC 2012), there’s plenty of demand coming in with limited supply of bitcoins around.

Bitcoin Price and Stats for 23 Jan 2013 WED (0432GMT+8):
* RM60.79 per BTC at dgtmkt
* RM68.24 per BTC at LocalBitcoins

Bitcoin Price and Stats for 22 Jan 2013:
* RM58.58 per BTC at dgtmkt
* RM66.28 per BTC at LocalBitcoins

Bitcoins was only RM19 per BTC on 27 Jan 2012

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