Bitcoin reaches high of RM58.58 today (22JAN2013)

It’s been a crazy ride from 2012 as the Bitcoin price reaches a high of RM58.58 today as opposed to only RM19 back in Jan 2012. This is really good news for investors who bought into the lows of 2012 prices as they would have made more than 200% ROI in less than 12 months.

With the onslaught of new 4th generation bitcoin mining servers and increased difficulty in mining for bitcoins, I foresee higher prices for bitcoins. I predict bitcoin prices will rise to RM100 around 2nd Quarter of 2013.

Bitcoin Price and Stats for 22 Jan 2013:
* USD16.80 per BTC at mtgox
* RM58.58 per BTC at dgtmkt
* RM66.28 per BTC at localbitcoins
* Bitcoin difficulty rate: 3249549.5844872
* Current bitcoin block : 217521
* Total bitcoins : 10688075.00000000
* Network hashing total: 21.936 Thash/s
* Market Cap based on latest prices: $ 176,353,238 USD

bitcoin price
bitcoin price
mtgox malaysia bitcoin
mtgox malaysia bitcoin

Below: Bitcoins at RM19 on 27 Jan 2012 (

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