Bitcoin mining at 680 Million Hashes Per Second


When I first started bitcoin mining in August 2012, I had only 60 Million hashes (60Mh/s) running on a gaming laptop. Then I got myself a Radeon GPU that could output 220 Mh/s.

A good buy (NOV 2012) at a local Malaysian forum then got me the famous Radeon 5970 card that has dual GPUs with a max of 680 Mh/s. So, this will keep my bitcoin wallets loaded with about 0.07000000 BTC daily until the monster A2J and B2J bitcoin mining servers start rolling out in Dec 2012. ( you can pre-order the A2J and B2J servers here )

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin universe was delighted to learn that WordPress now accepts bitcoins for their premium services. It was covered all over the blog universe at CNET, Forbes, arstechnica and even PCWorld.





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