GLBSE shuts down – Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange

I’ve just learned that has shut down. I am not sure why this has happened but I hope to get back some of my BTC in their pockets. Pretty sad day for the BTC economy.

This was posted on their site today:

GLBSE has been closed

I’m sorry to inform all our users that GLBSE is no longer able to continue operating, and has now closed.

Q: What does this mean if I’m an issuer?

We will do everything in our power to make the process of moving off GLBSE as smooth as possible, we are currently working on a simple, safe, and easy to use method that will allow you to continue your relationship with your asset holders

Q:I’m a GLBSE user, what about my assets and my bitcoin?

You will be able to get back your bitcoin, and if you want to reveal your username, email, and a bitcoin address to accept payments with, you can continue your relationship with the issuer of any assets you hold.

We will begin retuning bitcoin once we have recieved all coins from the GLBSE treasurer that manages the GLBSE cash reserves. BitcoinGlobal (GLBSE’s partent company) shareholders and board voted for them to be returned immediately, we are awaiting compliance with this order.
Update:we will begin processing account closures and returning bitcoin later today.

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