Hashing speed Radeon HD 7770 GPU

I’ve been doing some Bitcoins mining using a Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GPU recently with BFGminer and the results are quite inconsistent. I suspect this is happening since the mining pool at Triplemining is located in the EU side (Belgium) and they have not implemented the stratum mining protocol yet.

On certain hours, the hashing speed reaches nearly 350 Mh/s tops and then bottoms around 81 Mh/s. This is pretty frustrating and I am still trying to figure out the root cause.

So currently, the Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GPU is giving me about 0.11 btc per day, and that roughly comes to about 3.3 btc per month. That’s pittance compared to our new generation bitcoin mining servers here.

The Server Package B1 will generate about 260 bitcoins per month (approx RM 10,200 per month at today’s btc rate) with its 26,000Mh/s hashing power.

Sample of eu2.triplemining.com DNS entry:


PROVIDER (ORG)AS42160 LCP AS dc oostkamp

Below is the mining pool servers for Triplemining:

Main Connection settings: Host eu.triplemining.com , Port 8344

Backup Connection settings:Host eu2.triplemining.com , Port 8344



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