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What is triplemining? TripleMining is a unique bitcoin mining pool that allows you to grow your own pool by adding friends to your personal minipool.

The payment structure is transparent and allows you to make up to 3 times more than any other pool. By inviting other friends to your minipool, you recieve extra payouts for their efforts.

In addition, an extra bonus can be returned to you through our weekly jackpot where all accounts are treated equally and have the same chance of winning the jackpot.

Payment Structure

99% of the block goes to the workers.
1% of the block is partly distributed amongst the minipool owners (miners with at least one friend mining with them).
If you don’t have a minipool owner, that part of the fee goes to the jackpot. That’s right, we keep NOTHING!

How does it work?
Every time a block is found, 1% of the block goes back to the pool, the redistribution is as follows:

User1 registers on his own, his part of the 1% fee goes to the pool and is redistributed to anyone via the weekly jackpot.
User2 registers using the link of User1, his part of the 1% fee goes to User1.
User3 registers using the link of User2, his part of the 1% fee goes to User2, nothing goes to User1
User4 registers using the link of User3, his part of the 1% fee goes to User3, nothing goes to User1 or User2

There is no limit to the amount of users that can be part of your minipool.

Conclusion: There is no downside to joining someone else’s minipool, while you have a lot to gain from starting your own minipool! 

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