Hosted Bitcoin Wallet Solutions or Online Bitcoin Wallets

Some people have asked me about online bitcoin (btc) wallets and whether its safe. For me, its always safer to store your bitcoins in an offline Bitcoin wallet (like Armory) on a Linux computer to prevent malware hijacks. But if you are adamant on using this easy online bitcoin wallets, here’s a few.. (thanks to the list from bitcointrading).

List: Wallet – Somewhat “official” as far as bitcoin wallet solutions go, they are definitely the #1 option to get a hosted wallet, I think more people use wallet than actual bitcoin clients. They have a 2 factor authentication feature where you need to key in a special code sent to your email for verification.

Coinbase – The new wallet solution, Coinbase is a startup company that is trying to be the next Paypal of Bitcoin, we will see if they succeed!  They offer you a 0.10 BTC if you set up a free account and become verified. They have a 2 factor authentication feature where you need to key in a special code sent to your phone as SMS or via Authy.

Instawallet – A website that automatically generates you an address to send bitcoins to, not very safe by any stretch but if you need a wallet instantly for some reason, they offer that service.  You definitely need to bookmark your wallet if you have any stored in there!

EasyWallet – Offering a similar service to Instawallet, it generates you a wallet as soon as you visit the site.  Don’t forget to bookmark the wallet!

ZenWallet– Another instant wallet generating website.  Don’t forget to bookmark your URL, and again make sure you trust bitcoins to the site owners because we’ve seen companies disappear in the past.

Paytunia – Paytunia is a step up from Instawallet in terms of both complexity and security. They have a cool option where you can send bitcoins to an email address if you want to pay someone whose Bitcoin address you don’t know.

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